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Minggu, 13 Juni 2010

CoffeeCup Flash Blogger 4.6


A blog is a journal or diary that is available on the Web. The activity of updating a blog is "blogging" and someone who keeps a blog is a "blogger." Blogs are typically updated daily using software that allow people with little or no technical background to maintain or add to their blogs with just the push of a button. (No HTML experience is needed!)
Features of Flash Blogger:
- You don't need to know HTML to use Flash Blogger. Just drag and drop your blog elements into place.
- Add links and images to your blog entries with a click of a button.
- Want to edit an old entry? It's easy — just double-click it and make your changes.
- The built-in calendar helps you and your readers keep track of your entries.
- Flash Blogger runs in your system tray, making it easier to access.
- Create as many blogs as you want!
- Spice up your blog a bit by adding custom background images.
- It's easy to add your blog to an existing Website. Just upload your files and paste some code into your favorite Web design program, and you're set.
- The built-in FTP client lets you upload your blog from inside the program.
- Use the built-in preview to make sure your blog looks just right before you publish it.

download :





note :

link will be delete after 30 day after the last download, for always enable link  must be download every time before link epired

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