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Sabtu, 22 Mei 2010


Create and enhance your photos with the Paint function, too!
Paint, draw lines, polygons, ellipses, and apply color, textures, gradients and objects.
Focus PhotoEditor is an excellent painting and editing program.
* Customizable brushes let you create wonderful works of art.
* Use Cloning to turn your photos into paintings, by copying part of one picture onto another.
* Edit precisely using grids and guides.

  * Experiment with photo corrections without modifying your original picture.
* Create photo collages of several images on top of each other.
* Add Text with shadows and a 3D look.
* Create transparent blend effects between pictures.
* Focus PhotoEditor's sleek layers engine is designed to use the least amount of memory possible.
Give your photos a special touch with Filters. Use filters to turn your photos into watercolors and oil paintings.
The more and more you review this page the more you begin to find your mind brimming with excitement, seeing photo ideas everywhere you look. That rock, that cloud, those hands… all of them works of art you can capture with your camera and perfect with this software.
Just think of all the great photo projects you could create using this robust photo editing software:
* Scrapbooking has never been so easy or rewarding
* Create dazzling personalized gifts with your photos
* Turn a portrait photo into a striking oil painting so realistic you’ll swear the artist just added the finishing brush stroke
* Upload your most stirring, evocative photos online and get paid top dollar for designers around the world to use them for their projects
* Delight your family and friends by sharing your photos in an easy-to-access web album
* Design hauntingly beautiful landscapes to grace your walls
Focus PhotoEditor is comparable to software used by the world’s most successful professional photographers. But even without any prior experience using photo editing software, even if you’re a complete novice, you can use the powerful photo wizard functions to enhance your digital photos instantly.

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